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Lemon Tree


We're Yellow Lemon. Like our namesake, we may be small but we pack a punch.

Having experienced working both in-house at large corporations and at marketing agencies, one thing became clear - quantity became more important than quality.

And that's where we differ. Quality is at the core of our offering and we are committed to providing the best service for your business when it comes to your organic search marketing activities. 

About Us

We have over a decades' worth of experience in SEO and content marketing, having successfully delivered winning SEO strategies for a range of UK businesses, from professional services, to ecommerce stores and consultancy firms just to pick a few. 
Since we started out, SEO has changed and changed again and our knowledge and expertise has grown with it.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple - we tailor our service to meet your business needs. Whether you are starting out or looking to grow, our offerings for SEO and content marketing can help at every stage.

We understand that smaller businesses may not have the resource for a costly monthly retainer, which is why we start small. Our basic audit can provide an overview for quick wins, or you can choose our content marketing service to take it to the next level.   

For more established businesses, or those with a larger cash flow, we can offer our consultancy service to evaluate and audit an existing site and use our expertise to provide recommendations to help your business grow to the next stage. 

We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency - we will only suggest recommendations we feel will be achievable and beneficial. We also don’t use the ‘tell & do’ approach - we take the time to talk through our suggestions and make sure you understand the why behind our decision making.

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